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Heading down the home stretch!

  What a fun summer we've had here at Taku Harley-Davidson!  You know the saying that goes something like, "It doesn't feel like work when you're enjoying yourself", or something like that?  That's exactly how we feel here.  True, some of us haven't taken a day off since May, but we've had such an amazing experience in the store.  We've met people from all over the world, and without exception, every person we've crossed paths with here in the store has helped make this summer a total thrill.  


Melissa and I are both new to the Harley-Davidson scene.  I, Ken, only started riding last year, and this is our first season working in the store, so we didn't come into this with any kind of HD history under our belts.  But every one of you we've met here who are long time HD riders, fans, enthusiasts, fanatics, has been more than welcoming to the Harley community.  We met a couple from Ontario, Canada, who came to Juneau on their bike, riding two-up and towing a trailer.  They shared stories of their road trip, which will culminate the end of August.  They turn over 8,000 miles on this trip, which was done in order for them to finally bag Alaska as their 50th state.  Amazing!  We got to meet Scott Jacobs (, as he was passing through town on a cruise.  We're sure many of you are familiar with his art, particularly those of you who've made it to Sturgis.  We also met Tracy, from Huntington Beach, California.  Tracy is a long-time Harley rider, a cancer survivor, and just a bundle of energy!  She was on her way to do a float plane trip to Taku Glacier Lodge.  The picture attached to this blog is her tattoo.  Tracy said she'd get us a picture of her with her bike and her Taku Harley-Davidson gear once she gets back home.  Tracy, if you read this, we're holding you to that promise!  

We hope you've enjoyed your visit with us as much as we've enjoyed meeting each of you.  Feel free to visit us on Facebook (@takuharleydavidson) or Instagram (@takuharley) to keep up on what's going on in Juneau or share your pictures with us.  We love seeing our gear all over the world!  We'll continue to post any new offers, events, products or just random thoughts about life.  Feel free to join in!

Ride on, and thank you for visiting!

Ken & Melissa and the rest of Team Taku

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